How To Build A House

Have you ever wondered what it is that allows a house to be built?  Well here is a breakdown of the entire process.  First of all you need to find the location.  The location is where you will build the house.  This location is known as the lot.

There are many different lot sizes and features.  What lot you choose will establish everything else that is to come.  From there, you want to pour your house foundation.  The foundation is a large slab of concrete that is level.  This is used as the base for the rest of your home’s construction.  Without a strong foundation, the rest of your house can’t be built.

Once your foundation is laid and ready to go, you want to start with the layout.  The layout of your home is also known as the floor plan.  Since each house is unique and can really have anything at this point, putting your time, energy and effort into designing the floor plan will establish the rest of your homes structure.

house foundation

Electrical, plumbing and the other internal guts will be installed next.  This is where all of the functionality of your home will be established.  If you want a power outlet in a specific location or if you need an extra air vent, you need to have this done in this step.  If not, you won’t get it done.

Sheetrock and the walls are next.  Once everything is laid out you will need to close it all in with sheetrock.  The sheetrock will then be painted, and the initial structure of your home completed.

The next step is the fun step.  Here you can choose all of the extras.  The color of the paint, the carpet, lighting and so much more.  Once the initial groundwork has been completed, you have the power to make your house a home.

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